Product Summary

The KG316T is a Microcomputer Timer Switch. It can automatically switch on and switch off various kinds of electric equipments according to the fixed time. The KG316T is widely used in all electrical equipments and household appliances where needs to be controlled. Such as street lamps, neon lights, advertisement board lights, production equipments, broadcasting & TV equipments and ect.


KG316T absolute maximum ratings: (1)Voltage Range: 180~240V 50Hz; (2)Voltage scope: 85%~110%; (3)Capacitance Resistance Load: 25A; (4)Consumed power:<4VA; (5)Timing Control Range: 1min~168h; (6)Timing error: <±2s/day (25℃±1℃); (7)Temperature: -10℃~+50℃; (8)Relative Humidity: <95%; (9)Dimension: 120×74×58mm; (10)Weight: 430g.


KG316T features: (1)microcomputer switch; (2)design NO. 316; (3)function code: time control type; (4)number to be programmable (on-off times): 8 groups (8 open and 8 closes); (5)applications: timing connection and break.


KG316T block diagram