Product Summary

The SKKT10616E is a thyristor/diode module. Its typical applications include DC motor control (e.g. for machine tools), AC motor soft starters, temperature control (e.g. for ovens, chemical processes) and professional light dimming (studios, theaters).


SKKT10616E absolute maximum ratings: (1)ITSM Tvj = 25℃, 10ms: 2250A; (2)VT Tvj = 25℃, IT = 300 A: max. 1.65V; (3)rT Tvj = 130℃: max. 2 mΩ; (4)tgd: 1 μs; (5)tgr: 2 μs; (6)Rth(j-c): 0.28/0.14 K/W; (7)Tvj: -40 to + 130℃; (8)Tstg: -40 to + 125℃.


SKKT10616E features: (1)heat ransfer through aluminium oxide ceramic isolated metal baseplate; (2)hard soldered joints for high reliability; (3)UL recognized, file no. E 63 532.


SKKT10616E package dimensions