Product Summary

The SKM400GB128DE is a SPT IGBT module. The applications of it include: AC inverter drivers, UPS, electronic welders at fsw up to 20KHz.


SKM400GB128DE absolute maximim ratings: (1)VCES: 1200V; (2)On the condition of Tc = 25(80) ℃, IC: 565(400)A; (3)On the condition of tp=1ms, ICRM: 600A; (4)VGES: ±20V; (5)On the condition of TOPERATION ≤ Tstg: -40~+150(125)℃; (6)On the condition of AC, 1min, Visol: 4000V.


SKM400GB128DE features: (1)Homogeneous Si; (2)SPT=soft-push-through technology; (3)VCEsat with positive temperature coefficient; (4)High short circuit capability, self limiting to 6 × Ic.


BSM200GB120DLC block diagram