Product Summary

The FS100R12KE3-B3 is an IGBT module.


FS100R12KE3-B3 absolute maximum ratings: (1)collector-emitter voltage: 1200V; (2)DC-collector current: 140A; (3)repetitive peak collector current: 200A; (4)total power dissipation: 480W; (5)gate-emitter peak voltage: ±20V; (6)collector-emitter saturation voltage: 2.00V; (7)gate threshold voltage: 5.0V to 6.5V; (8)gate charge: 7.5Ω; (9)input capacitance: 7.10nF; (10)reverse transfer capacitance: 0.30nF; (11)collector-emitter cut-off current: 5.0mA; (12)gate-emitter leakage current: 400nA; (13)turn-on delay time: 0.29us; (14)rise time: 0.05us; (15)turn-off delay time: 0.52us.


FS100R12KE3-B3 features: (1)rated resistance:5.00kΩ; (2)deviation of R100:-5% to 5%; (3)power dissipation:20.0mW; (4)B-value:3375K.


FS100R12KE3-B3 block diagram