Product Summary

The SS401-3Z-D3 40A is a solid-state contactor which is required in cases where contacts must have long life because contacts are frequently made and broken, and where contactor noise must be eliminated. The SS401-3Z-D3 40A incorporates thyristors as making and breaking elements in the main circuit.


SS401-3Z-D3 40A absolute maximum ratings: (1)Rated thermal current: 20A; (2)Control voltage: 5-24VDC; (3)Main circuit AC control voltage: 240V.


SS401-3Z-D3 40A features: (1)operation indicator provided; (2)long service life, optimum for highly frequent switching; (3)built-in surge suppressor; (4)AC and DC operation; (5)SSC with zero-cross switching function; (6)built-in auxiliary contact.


SS401-3Z-D3 40A package dimensions