Product Summary

The SJ-06G is a Magnetic Contactor, which adopts the operating magnet mechanism in which an electromagnet and a permanent magnet are combined, thus allowing the coil power consumption to be reduced. The SJ-06G can be operated directly by the DC output of programmable controller or electronic equipment. Reversing contactor and starter are also available.


SJ-06G absolute maximum ratings: (1)Rated thermal current: 6A; (2)Voltage: 200-240 VAC, 380-440 VAC; (3)Making & breaking capacity: 20 A; (4)Min. operational voltage and current: 5V DC, 3mA.


SJ-06G features: (1)Low power consumption 1.4W as well as standard DC-operat model; (2)High contact reliability; (3)Surge suppression; (4)Rail mounting: Direct snap-on mounting on 35mm rails.


SJ-06G package dimensions