Product Summary

The SB50W is a Brake Pack. It provides instantaneous stop, bi-directional operation and electromagnetic brake control functions integrated into one unit. This brake pack can sense when the thermal protector is opened, further ensuring the safety of your equipment. For greater convenience, a function has been added to reset alarms using an external signal.


SB50W absolute maximum ratings: (1)Power Supply Voltage: Single-Phase 100-230 VAC ±10%; (2)Frequency: 50/60 Hz; (3)Applicable Motor Output Power: 1 W~90 W (1/750 HP~1/8 HP); (4)Power Source for Control: 24 VDC ±10% 0.1 A min.; (5)Input resistance: 4.7 kΩ 24 VDC ±10% ; (6)Open-collector output External use conditions: 26.4 VDC max. 10 mA max.; (7)Braking Current Duration: Approximately 0.2~0.4 seconds; (8)Ambient Temperature: 0~+40℃ (non-freezing); (9)Ambient Humidity: 85% or less (non-condensing).


SB50W features: (1)Four Functions in One Integrated Unit; (2)Wide Voltage Range of 100 to 230 VAC; (3)Conforms to Safety Standards; (4)Supports Motors with 1 W to 90 W (1/750 HP to 1/8 HP) Output; (5)Switchable Sink/Source Logic; (6)Instantaneous Stop; (7)Long Life, Simple Wiring and Maintenance-Free; (8)Link Electronic Brake and Electromagnetic Brake.


SB50W package dimensions