Product Summary

The CM 90-ELR-W3 / 5 is an Electronic reversing load relay, for direct access of three-phase consumers, with light indicator and protection circuit.


CM 90-ELR-W3 / 5 absolute maximum ratings: (1)Operating voltage: 24 V DC; (2)Max. current consumption: approx. 40 mA; (3)Control voltage right/left: 24 V DC; (4)Input current right/left: 6 mA; (5)Switch-over time RL/LL (switch-on time): 20 ms to 150 ms (adjustable); (6)Reversal frequency RL/LL: 2.5 Hz max.; (7)Ambient temperature range: – 20℃ to + 55℃.


CM 90-ELR-W3 / 5 features: (1)Input circuit: LED, polarity protection diode, surge voltage protection; (2)Output circuit: decoupling diode, damping diode, LED; (3)Output circuit: RCV circuit; (4)Standards/regulations: IEC 664/IEC664 A/DIN VDE 0110, DIN VDE 0106-101, DIN VDE 0160 (in relevant parts), IEC 801-5; (5)Protection type acc. to IEC 529/EN 60 529/DIN VDE 0470-1: IP 20; (6)Installation position: vertical (rail horizontal); (7)Mounting: in rows with spacing ≥ 20 mm.


CM 90-ELR-W3 / 5 block diagram