Product Summary

The DH48S-S is a twin timer.


DH48S-S absolute maximum ratings: (1)Supply voltage: AC220V (50/60Hz); (2)Control output: AC 250V 3A (Resistive); (3)Operating voltage range: Ue85%~110%; (4)Contact: 1c; (5)Setting error: 0.01%+0.05s; (6)Panel cutout: 45×45 mm; (7)Ambient Operating temperatue: -10℃ to 55℃; (8)Weight: 0.3kg; (9)Power consumption: ≤3VA.


DH48S-S features: (1)DIN-sized48×48mm; (2)Time ranges(1s~99min); (3)T1,T2 can replace 2 relays; (4)Adding M48, DIN-sized 58×88mm expansible; (5)High accuracy, small volume, high reliability; (6)Working modes: loop around, one time.


DH48S-S package dimensions