Product Summary

The TG-225 is a high-energy triggered spark gap which is capable of switching stored energy in a fraction of a microsecond. It requires no standby power, is extremely rugged, and requires only a low-energy, highvoltage triggering pulse. The TG-225 (1-60 kV) can switch pulses with energy contents of up to 6000 joules and feature adjustable self-breakdown voltages.


TG-225 absolute maximum ratings: (1)Self-Breakdown Voltage (typ): 18.0-40.0 kV; (2)Continuous use temperature: -60 to +200℃; (3)Thermal Conductivity: 2.5W/m·K.


TG-225 features: (1)Adjustable self-breakdown voltage; (2)Rugged ceramic-metal construction; (3)Refractory metal electrodes.


TG-225 block diagram