Product Summary

The ACX36.040/MCQ is a CPU module which is designed for use in ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration plant. The ACX36.040/MCQ is the product of the SICLIMAT® SAPHIR family. It is available for LON + Modbus RTU.


ACX36.040/MCQ absolute maximum ratings: (1)Operating voltage G, G0: AC 24 V ±10 %; (2)Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz; (3)Power consumption: max. 10 VA.


ACX36.040/MCQ features: (1)8 universal IOs (configurable inputs / outputs); (2)5 digital inputs for potential-free contacts; (3)2 analog outputs with DC 0?0 V output voltage; (4)6 relay outputs (NO contacts); (5)KNX or LON field bus "on board"; (6)RS-485 interface for use with Modbus RTU; (7)Service interface for monitoring and operation; (8)PPS2 interface for connecting room units.


ACX36.040/MCQ block diagram